Lloyd Severance Thumb Gospel Music Convention
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Concert Start Times
Thurday / Friday
Lloyd Severance Thumb Gospel Music Convention
(989) 883-2501
450 N. Miller, Sebewaing, MI 48759
Lots throughout the grounds
Travel / Contact Information
6:30 PM
10:30 AM
10 AM
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If you would like to have one of the groups performing this year sing at your church, please call Randy Severance at (989) 670-4079, or send us an e-mail at thumbgospel@gmail.com.
Group Inquiries
If you would like to spend the weekend on the grounds and enjoy the weekend with us, please call Liz at the Bay Shore Camp office at (989) 883-2501 for more information.  If you decide not to stay on the grounds, the Sebewaing County Park can accommodate RVs. You will also find a few local motels in the area that may be available. 
New Group Requirements
- You must have performed on 25 dates within the last 12 months
- You must have a current project
- Your group must have sung together for at least 12 months before you submit your request for the next convention.

All requests will be overseen by our music committee.  After they review the  request, the accepted groups will be invited to the next Lloyd Severance Thumb Gospel Music Convention.
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